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Related article: Date: Tue, 25 Nov 2003 12:40:05 +1100 From: james robinson Subject: After School Soaking 6This story is purely a figment of my imagination and any resemblance to any person dead or alive is purely coincidental.If it is not your thing to read stories about male/ male sex don't go any further, if it is illegal to read such material where you live please go away, otherwise enjoy my ramblings if you can.Any constructive comments or ideas for further episodes can be sent to me at this address, I hope you Preteen Loli Models enjoy this tale. After School Soaking, Part 6 justjames17 Peter and Gary strolled back to Peter's house, laughing at the way they had pulled Terry into line at Larry's. The way he had apologised and modified his bullying attitude when the tables were turned on him and the unbelievable turn about by their young friend Larry. The announcement that he wanted to have sex with the much larger Terry absolutely floored the lads and they just couldn't believe he felt that way towards the guy who harassed and sexually assaulted him. They shook their heads as they sauntered home brushing their arms against one another to maintain a body contact showing their need and love.They arrived at Peter's place and raided the kitchen to grab a quick feed and renew their energy, they then decided to flake out in Peter's room and watch some cable TV. They became bored with the continual drivel and boring repeats on the TV and decided to retire to the back yard where the in ground swimming pool was situated. They checked out the water and it felt warm enough to take a dip so they went back inside and up to Peter's room to change into swim togs, Peter loaned Gary a pair of his togs from last year and watched with glee as he struggled to pull them up over his muscular ass and bulging genitals. Gary finally packed his sexy wares away in the super tight Speedos and stood there posing for Peter in the tiny togs which barely covered his cock and balls. The black bush of his pubic hair was visible over the waist band of the over stretched Lycra and the material was so tight his package was squashed almost flat against his lower abdomen. As Gary revolved posing his muscular young body his ass appeared and Peter nearly had an instant orgasm as the top of the muscular ass cheeks came into view with the top of the deep cleft showing clearly as it disappeared into the bright red togs half way down his tight ass.The Speedos were so tight that they were squeezing his rubbery muscular cheeks tightly enough to cause a slight roll of flesh where the waist band met the bare flesh, the large dimples in Gary's cheeks were partially exposed to the pop eyed view of his best friend. Peter moved across and placed a hand on each tightly packed cheek and nuzzled his face into the exposed crevice as he pushed his tongue into the squeezed crack. Gary groaned sensuously as he felt the warm wet appendage work into his crack and he bent forward trying to expose more of his erotic ass to Peter's tongue lapping.While Peter licked and drooled into Gary's luscious cleavage his hand was sliding down under the smooth tight ass till he found the balls squashed flat against Gary's perineum and continued to fondle and slide up to the penis which was frantically trying to swell erect in the confines of the excessively tight Speedos. While Peter was busy stroking and licking he heard the door bell chime and stopped fondling Gary to look out his window to see who was at the door. He was startled to see the captain of the swim team Matt, waiting on the door step as he reached his hand out to ring the bell again. Peter opened the window and called to Matt that he would be right down to let him in.Peter swatted Gary on the beautiful ass and said, " C'mon Gaz, Matt's at the door lets go down and let him in." Gary said, " C'mon Pete I can't go down dressed like this, Matt will have a fit if he sees me in these togs." Peter said, " No leave them on, it will be interesting to see how he reacts to the vision of your so sexy body dressed like that." Gary reluctantly agreed to appear in front of Matt looking like he was ready to burst out of the diminutive swim suit. The boys ran down the stairs and Peter threw open the door to greet Matt, Gary was standing partly behind Peter hiding the overfilled pouch of the Speedos. Grinning, Peter said, " Hi Matt, s'up dude?" Matt smiled in return at the sight of Peter in his Speedos and replied, " Not much how are things with you guys?" Gary laughed and said, " We are just about to go for a dip in the pool, want to join us?" Matt frowned and said. " Bugger it, I haven't got my togs with me, I'll have to give it a miss guys." Peter jumped in quickly saying, " No problemo Matt, you can borrow a pair of mine or just swim in your jocks if you like." Matt thought for a second as his eyes devoured the two hunky boys in front of him and said, " Great idea, although I'm a deal bigger than you Peter, do you think I can squeeze into your togs?" Peter sniggered and thrust Gary out in full view saying, " Look at Gary Matt, he got into this old pair of mine." Matt's eyes widened as he took in the incredible sight Preteen Loli Models of Gary's body with the tiny brief whisp of Lycra covering his half hard package. His jaw dropped and his pink tongue crept from his sensuous mouth and ran across his suddenly dry lips. He stood there stunned as his shorts began to tent abruptly, then he said, " Wow Gary you look so hot dude, I've never seen you look this way before." Gary blushed and his hand dropped to his swollen penis as he attempted to cover it from Matt's view as it leapt to it's maximum rock hard size, Matt just stood there as his denim cut offs swelled larger where his turgid tool struggled for it's freedom. Matt had never felt this horny before, certainly not when confronted by a guy in a swim suit, he was very confused at the roiling thoughts racing through his brain. He allowed his hand to adjust his erection into a more comfortable position and Peter took this as a sign to move closer to Matt's body and begin to stroke his thick pole through his shorts.Matt's head was thrown back as he groaned loudly from the erotic feelings exploding through his loins, his penis jumping, was pumping a sudden load of clear fluid into his briefs as Peter manipulated the hard hot bar smoothly through the stretched denim. Matt was in heaven, his handsome head rolling from side to side as he moaned and whimpered constantly from the stimulation, his body was tensing and relaxing showing Preteen Loli Models his incredibly cut swimmers body as the muscles flexed in erotic spasms. Peter continued squeezing and stroking the boy as Gary moved behind Matt and pressed his hard packed boner against the tensing, relaxing crevice between the firm muscular cheeks as he slid his hands up the beautifully muscled torso under the loose tank top Matt was wearing.Gary's hands reached the firm smooth pectorals and began to rub the soft nipples causing them to instantly harden the tiny nubs standing proudly from the softer aureoles, this caused renewed louder groans to issue from Matt's open mouth. Peter moved his head closer to Matt's face and he gently brushed the soft parted lips with his own sensuous lips, Matt's hands flew up grasping Peter's head and pulled him harder against his drooling mouth.Peter sucked his face drinking in the sweet saliva draining Matt's mouth as his tongue pressed into the warm wet orifice, Matt's tongue discovered the tasty invader and he sucked the warm firm fleshy appendage deep into his hungry mouth. He closed his lips around the tongue as Peter began to fuck his tongue in and out of the grasping suctioning soft lips. Matt began to hump his hard cock into Peter's hand as Gary thrust against his tight ass through the material of his cut offs, all three boys were moaning, sighing, whimpering and groaning in unison as their young bodies gave way to the sensuous sexual motions and manipulations.The boys finally broke apart after Matt screamed aloud, " I'M CUMMMMMING !!!! " as his penis pulsed hard and his whole body tensed incredibly tight as his bucking hips drove his exploding cock hard into Peter's manipulating hand. Matt collapsed into Peter's arms as his knees jellified and he nearly collapsed from the intense feeling as he felt as if his whole body had ejected through the swollen flesh between his legs. Peter and Gary clutched the almost comatose lad in their muscular arms as they felt his hot sweaty body shaking with tremors from the incredible high he had experienced.All three boys were panting although only Matt had ejaculated, they all were in a highly charged state after Matt's explosive climax and both pairs of Speedos were saturated in sticky slippery juice. Matt's discharge had coated his briefs and soaked through the worn denim of his shorts and Peter could feel the warm fluid oozing through onto his hand which was still clutching Matt's semi hard cock. Peter released the half erect meaty pole and brought his sticky wet hand up to his nose inhaling the aroma of Matt's life juice, his tongue lapped at the fluid as he tasted the sweet salty cream. He then offered it to Gary who finished cleaning Peter's hand and then began to suck his fingers clean as well.The two lads took Matt's limp arms across their shoulders as they helped his rubbery legs to propel him across to the couch in the lounge room where they lowered the almost comatose lad onto the cushions. Peter knelt in front of Matt and fumbled with the press stud holding the waist band of his shorts finally opening it and sliding the zipper down to bare his lower abdomen and tight briefs to view. Matt slowly regaining his equilibrium looked up at Peter and Gary smiled weakly and Gary reached down clasping the slender muscled waist as he lifted the exhausted swim team captain up so Peter could slip the stained cut offs down his ass and thighs.There exposed to their eager eyes, was the wet saturated white briefs, Matt's thick 6 inch of semi hard cock lying across his lower abdomen. The bleach like odour of the thick creamy semen assailed their nostrils as they inhaled deeply absorbing the heady, orgasmic aroma deeply into their lungs as their mouths watered to taste the juicy load. Peter bent down and slid his mouth over the fat pole sucking the tasty juice through the soft cotton material. Gary wriggled his head between Peter's hip and Matt's leg to swallow the cotton encased nut sack filling his mouth with the hot spheres inside the moist cotton, the funky aroma drifting up from the encased groin and ass was a heady aphrodisiac and drove Gary wild as he sucked frantically on the throbbing orbs.Matt spread his smooth thighs wider allowing Gary easier access to the area and Gary lifted the tight leg band with a finger and wormed the digit inside to stroke the slightly furry perineum pouch driving Matt insane once again as he thrashed about between the two experienced boys. Peter felt the hot hard cock stretching and firming in his suctioning mouth as Matt gyrated beneath him whining and whimpering in erotic ecstasy. Matt was lost to all reason and his surroundings as his whole being concentrated in the hot groin area, it seemed as though his body had departed and only his genitals existed to be pleasured and enjoyed. He thrashed about frantically and shortly Gary felt the heavy fat balls retreat towards Matt's throbbing straining penis, he removed the finger from the jocks and moistened it in his mouth then returned it inside the jocks and gently fingered the pulsating little crater of Matt's sphincter.The demented boy thrashed about as Gary pushed his moist finger deep into the hot sensitive anus, Matt squealed loudly but didn't pull away as the invading digit located and stroked the pulsing gland. Matt arched up as Preteen Loli Models the prostate gland sent fiery demands through his tortured body and with an animalistic grunt he erupted into Peter's waiting mouth, the semen flooded out of the throbbing cock head filling Peter's mouth to the maximum and so heavy was the discharge it overflowed from each corner of his mouth. The cum dribbled down Peter's chin and dripped onto Gary's mouth below as Gary opened his lips wide to take advantage of the shared juice. Matt fired 8 huge gouts of spoof into Peter's mouth and about half of it Preteen Loli Models dribbled into Gary's waiting mouth, then Matt collapsed back onto the couch his chest heaving frantically as he gasped for air after the incredible sensations had starved him for oxygen.Peter lay on Matt's heaving belly as he sucked the now limp prick draining every last sweet drop from the depleted balls, Gary turned his head and kissed Peter's straining boner as it filled the Speedos, his fat knob sticking above the waist band rubbing on his navel. Gary licked his way up the smooth slippery material till he found the warm pulsing glans then he slipped his tongue between the plum coloured knob and the golden tanned abdomen and lapped around the sensitive nerve filled firm flesh. Peter groaned as his already excited cock pulsed at the lascivious touch of Gary's wet warm tongue and he erupted spurting pearly cream all over his flat stomach as Gary licked and sucked his trembling flesh.Gary after cleaning Peter's abdomen of cum reached up and pulled the tight togs off his body to drop to the floor about Peter's knees, this bared his delicious tanned ass to view and Gary pushed his face into the sweaty crevice. His tongue flicking about tasting the salty sweat and inhaling the delightful funky odour of Peter's sweaty ass, as the questing tongue searched for the tightly closed puckered muscle guarding Peter's inner sanctum. Peter opened his legs as far as he could and reached around to pry his muscular cheeks apart allowing Gary to view his pink bud like opening, Gary blew warm air over the twitching flesh then dove his tongue tip into the tiny hole. Peter arched up his head almost touching his back as he whined sensuously. Gary tasted the crimson walls of his rectum and delighted at the sweet flavour of the emissions of ass juice as Peter began to produce lubricant within his bowels.Gary laved the surrounding soft satin like smooth hot flesh as he felt Peter's musculature throbbing inside his tunnel, it was massaging his tongue erotically as he prodded his tongue in and out of the loosening muscle ring. Gary pulled back and watched the wet hole as it opened and closed erotically then he slowly pushed his hard unyielding dick into the furnace hot, soft insides of his best friend. Peter groaned loudly and the recuperating Matt curled around Peter to see what Gary was doing behind Peter.Matt's eyes nearly popped out of his handsome face as he saw Gary sliding his hard cock in and out of Peter's hole, he could see the inner crimson wall of the anus rolling in and out as Gary pumped his lance into the tight ass hole. Matt gasped and said in a choking voice, " Gees Gary your fucking Peter's ass." Gary sniggered and said, " That's an acute observation Matt, I sure am and he loves it and he loves to fuck my hole as well." Matt just lay there peering at the incredible sight as the fat boner slid in and out shining with pre cum and Peter's slippery ass juices. The grunts and groans highlighting the in and out action caused Matt to crack another bar and he started to jack his cock frantically. Gary was stroking Peter's hard on in time to his pumping and they both soon were climbing the pinnacle to ejaculation, their breathing was rapid and Matt joined them in tempo as all three young studs erupted showering their essences, two into the air where it dropped onto each other and the couch as Gary filled Peter's expanded love tunnel.All three boys collapsed together in a sweating cum covered jumble of bodies, legs, arms at all angles as they gasped and panted, their softening boyhoods slowly dribbling the remnants of their juices onto their bodies. After some minutes Peter stirred and suggested they all jump into the pool to clean up and they staggered outside into the sunlight squinting their eyes as the fell into the cool water. They lay about floating exhausted from their energetic sex romp and just lolled about enjoying the lapping water cooling their overheated bodies and washing the sticky semen off them. They enjoyed the relaxing water for some time then Peter suggested they climb out and dry off in the warm sunshine.All three lads climbed out of the pool and walked to the lounges dropping onto them and closing their eyes in the bright sunlight. They were soon asleep and dreaming erotic thoughts which caused their swim gear to swell and Matt's briefs to tent up, the boys dreamed on their cocks hard and twitching in the sunlight. This was the sight that young Larry discovered when he walked around the side of the house after ringing the door bell for ages. He stood there at the foot of the lounges perving on the three studly boys sleeping with their over filled brief coverings, his gorgeous little boner tenting his shorts.This may lead to a further chapter if you wish to hear more. Please let me know if you enjoy this Preteen Loli Models chapter.
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